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Health & Wellness Centre

An active process of becoming aware of and making choices toward a healthy and fulfilling life.



An optimal level of wellness and function is crucial to live a long and high quality of life. Wellness of our bodies, minds and souls ensures that we can manage stress and reduce the risk of illness.

The team at our Health and Wellness Centre are available to assist in many of the aspects required to be fully functional … and play your best golf. We’ve got you covered – from injury rehab and sports-specific functional training to nutrient-dense foods and individualised lifestyle programs – for a more functional you …

Health & Wellness Centre Information
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Powerblast Sport Conditioning Specialists cc


Telephone:  082 450 8220
Email:  warren@powerblasttraining.co.za

Powerblast Sport Conditioning Specialists cc is a functional sport conditioning consultancy and training facility. We offer Personal Training (health, fitness and wellness), Sport specific conditioning (for all sports and for all ages), Golf specific conditioning (strength, core and dynamic stability, explosive power and balance) as well as fitness bootcamp classes. We are here to help, advise and train all clients through functional movement-based training.


Warren McCann – Sport Conditioning Specialist

I run a highly successful Personal Training Business as well as Corporate Wellness programs for the corporate market. I have written many training, health and Fitness related articles for various publications.

I obtained a B Com Industrial Psychology Degree as well as a B Com (Hons) Degree in Sport Management, specializing in Exercise Science, Sport Physiology and Sport Psychology.

From rehabilitation of sporting injuries to the development of sporting performance, sport specific conditioning has played an influential role in the young and upcoming sports stars trained by myself. I have worked with many individual athletes in all sports, helping them to achieve higher honours in their chosen sport.

My goal is to give sports men and woman all the necessary tools needed to achieve their ultimate performance goals. I believe that sport performance is directly proportional to the dedication and sacrifice that players put into their game. I plan to help every individual player create his or her own destiny to become the best possible sports person they can.

– Springbok Sprinter
– Transvaal/Lions Rugby
– Springbok Rugby League (Rhino’s)

I specialize in sport specific conditioning. With 25 years training experience my main focus is speed, power, agility and strength conditioning for all elite athletes in all sporting disciplines.

I have consulted many top sporting teams regarding speed training and sport specific conditioning. These teams include:
– Gauteng Lions Cricket
– Golden Lions, Super14 and 15 Lions
– Kaizer Chiefs
– SA Rhinos
– SA Fencing
– International Tennis
– International Tri-Athletes
– Bulls U19 Rugby
– Titans U19 Cricket.

Jeff Lunsky – Sport Conditioning Specialist

Jeff has a special interest in specialised training for the over 50’s, and is involved in strength and conditioning for elite sportsmen and women.

For over 30 years, he has trained a range of clients, from professional sports teams to commercial gym classes. He was the Highveld Lions cricket fitness trainer for 24 years, and has trained most of South Africa’s top squash players.

He is also an optometrist who specialises in sports vision, having done testing and training for the South African national cricket, soccer, hockey and squash squads as well as other professional teams.

Ellen Gouws – Trainer

Higher Certificate and Advance Certificate in Exercise Science, with an additional Certification in Training in Different  Environments. Studied through HFPA – Health and Fitness Professionals Academy

Nutrition, overall health and wellbeing, functional and Personal fitness training and Sports conditioning.

Building and expanding the already well established Powerblast brand.

To successfully manage the Randpark facility and to grow as a personal fitness trainer and sports conditioning coach within the industry.

    Physiotherapy & Functional Health Therapy

Cheryl Stacey

BOOKINGS (By appointment only):
Telephone:  079 701 7347
Online bookings can be made at:  www.nourished8031.setmore.com
Email enquiries:  functionalnourishment@gmail.com

NOURiSHED sees the integration of a Functional Medicine approach to health with my physiotherapy experience to provide patients with the best possible health outcomes.

With more than 20 years of clinical experience in musculoskeletal and sports physio I felt that my patients needed to be better educated in the management of their lifestyle choices that affect, amongst other things, joint and soft tissue health. My approach is not only to treat the initial injury but also to assess and advise on nutrient-dense anti-inflammatory nutrition, appropriate exercise and training plans and stress management techniques.

PHYSIOTHERAPY – treatment of : sports injuries, back & neck pain, joint & muscle pain with : joint mobilization; soft tissue release; dry needling; exercise rehabilitation.

NOURiSHED FUNCTIONAL HEALTH THERAPY – Using Functional Medicine principles to assess the root causes of health issues and manage these with lifestyle interventions such as: movement, stress management techniques and nutrient-dense, anti- inflammatory foods and supplements.

DNA HEALTH, SPORT & DIET – testing for genetic variations in an individual to assess:

  • predisposition for certain illnesses and chronic conditions (such a cardiovascular disease, cancers, autoimmune diseases and diabetes.)
  • sports performance and injury risk
  • the best way to manage your weight

The outcomes of these tests provide an opportunity to put lifestyle interventions in place to minimize the impact of chronic illness, injury and weight issues.

NOURiSHED FOODS – Food as medicine for maximum nutrition – making nutrient-dense eating easy.

  • Nutrient-dense spice mixes, pestos and smoothies can be ordered to compliment your meals.
  • Nutrient-dense, anti-inflammatory meals can also be ordered for those not wanting to venture into the kitchen.

MINDFULNESS – Teaching of perceptual skills, breathing and relaxation techniques … We may not always be able to change our stress but we can always change our perception of it and our reaction to it.

CONCEPTIONS – A pre-conceptual health care program that addresses fertility issues in a natural, stress-free way using bodywork and functional medicine principles.


  • Physiotherapy treatments are charged at medical aid rates and claims can be submitted on behalf of patients who have funds available. (Current Medical Aid Rates are R420 – R500 dependent on treatment)
  • Functional Health Therapy, Conceptions, Mindfulness: R450/session
  • DNALYSIS: Price dependent on test selection according to standard DNALYSIS rates plus R400 feedback session.

Follow NOURiSHED on:
Instagram @functionalnourishment
Facebook @nourished
Twitter @love2nourish


Randpark Members
BASIC – R 99.00 / month (includes use of Health & Wellness facilities)
ADVANCED – R 450.00 / month (includes Boot Camp classes and use of Health & Wellness facilities)

Randpark Spousal Members
BASIC – R 175.00 / month (includes use of Health & Wellness facilities)
ADVANCED – R 550.00 / month (includes Boot Camp classes and use of Health & Wellness facilities)

BASIC – R 350.00 / month (includes use of Health & Wellness facilities)
ADVANCED – R 850.00 / month (includes Boot Camp classes and use of Health & Wellness facilities)

Above fees exclude personal and group training sessions.

Personal Training Sessions
Sessions 45 – 60 mins
10 Sessions R 2 150.00
Single sessions R 250.00
1 per week R 1 000.00
2 per week R 1 850.00
3 per week R 2 450.00
4 + per week R 2 950.00

Group Training Sessions 
4 – 8 students at R 150.00 per session
Sessions 45 – 60 mins
10 Sessions R 1 350.00

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Health & Wellness Centre Operating Hours
Monday – Thursday : 06:00 – 19:00
Friday : 06:00 – 18:00 
Saturday : 07:00 – 12:00

Physiotheraphy, Biokinetics and Functional Health Sessions by appointment only.

Sports Conditioning, Golf Specific Training by appointment only.

Gym Member Access Hours
Monday – Thursday : 06:00 – 09:00 and 16:00 – 19:00
Friday : 06:00 – 09:00 and 16:00 – 18:00 
Saturday : 07:00 – 12:00

Boot Camp
Wednesday & Saturday : 06:00 – 06:45 / 07:00 – 07:45


Discovery Vitality

  • Vitality members 18 years and older will earn 100 Vitality points for one workout per day. The points count towards the maximum of 30 000 fitness points for each person a year. Kids between six and 18 years old who are dependents on their parents’ policies will earn 100 fitness points once they have logged their workout. This will count towards their own points limit of 20 000, and will contribute to the overall family’s points.
  • Vitality Baby mothers who are registered on the Vitality Baby benefit will earn 200 Vitality points for logging a workout during pregnancy and up until their baby is six months old.
  • Only Vitality members who have worked out will use the Vitality iPad Application to log their workouts for Vitality points.
  • Discovery Vitality members must enter their ID number or Discovery membership number, date of birth, gender, initials and surname on the Vitality iPad Application after their workouts. Only accurately-logged events will be sent to Discovery Vitality for Vitality points to be awarded.
  • Logging workouts on behalf of members is not permitted.
  • Discovery Vitality encourages honest and accurate logging of training sessions. They will do random audits to check the validity of the events that members log. 

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