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123mds assists local Residential Estate with VOIP Solution

by | Apr 7, 2022

We just love solving digital issues at 123mds. The propeller heads in the office get a huge kick out of solving connectivity and VOIP issues on behalf of our clients. When a local residential estate asked us to assist, 123mds happily obliged.

Over the years, the guardhouse made use of many different legacy technologies, the last of which was a copper fixed-line DSL service. What seemed to be a simple process; the guard calls the homeowner to announce visitor or delivery, access is accepted or denied, the guard then follows instructions, has turned out to be very troublesome. Stolen copper cables, load shedding and poor service delivery from the incumbent service provider have compounded this issue. To rub salt in the wound, there was no real-time control of the outgoing calls leading to abuse of privilege by the guards.

Taking the above issues into account, 123mds were able to design a simple solution that ticks all the boxes, including decreased savings and increased efficiency with zero abuse … even when the lights are out!

Solution Breakdown:

  • Uncapped Fixed LTE Router via MTN – Sim card locks onto the local tower where your bandwidth is guaranteed.
  • Wireless IP Phone by Flying Voice – No more wires and network cables.
  • 2kva UPS – When the lights go out, the entire solution remains live for approximately 4 hours.
  • We programmed all the residents’ contact numbers into our VOIP platform which locks the phone down to dial only the numbers authorised. This has reduced phone call abuse to zero.
  • Real-time access to 123mds VOIP system to view call data and billing information.

The homeowners association are very satisfied with our solution, not to mention the happy guards that now occupy an improved office space that is neat and very tidy.

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Story written by 123mds


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