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FUNCTIONAL HEALTH THERAPY is LIFESTYLE MEDICINE, it looks at the whole of you by assessing the lifestyle and medical history throughout your life and putting a protocol in place that will assist you in living the healthy, happy and pain free life you would like.

Chronic illnesses (such as arthritis, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, heart disease and autoimmune disorders) don’t turn up out of the blue but are a series of small insults on the body over a number of years, signs that we often ignore until we can’t anymore. We all have different genetic variables and it is these combined with the lifestyles we have lead that dictate our health outcomes.

A thorough history and examination as well as genetic testing and referral for vitamin and mineral profiles are used to create an individualised program for each patient. Patients are then monitored with regular support and feedback sessions.

Protocols include:
EXERCISE AS MEDICINE: with the assistance of Powerblast conditioning, Biokinetics or self-managed programs.
FOOD AS MEDICINE: Nutrient- dense, anti-inflammatory meals and condiments (supplied or self-made). Supplements recommended in certain cases.
MEDITATION AS MEDICINE: stress management, perspective changes, breathing and meditation.
SLEEP AS MEDICINE: sleep hygiene and relaxation exercises.

For more information or to book an appointment contact:
Cheryl Stacey – Nourished Functional Health Therapy – Randpark Health & Wellness Centre
Tel: 079 701 7347
Email: functionalnourishment@gmail.com 


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