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Three Ways Diet And Exercise Can Positively Impact Your Golf Game
There are over 145,000 registered golfers in South Africa, and that number is increasing every year. For seasoned professionals or beginners passionate about improving their game, stamina, focus and strength are all traits you need to focus on. While practice is paramount to achieving this, diet and exercise regimen also play a key role. Find out how you can make both work to your golf game’s favor.

Weight training for a better swing
Golf is all about strength, coordination, balance, and posture. Luckily, weight training checks off all of those categories as well. While most golfers partake in cardio to stay fit, consider adding some weightlifting to your routine to work all of your muscles and to see and feel the difference in your swing. While it may be tempting to focus on upper body/arms as that seems the most relevant to golf, coordination, balance and posture will all be better affected when you treat weightlifting as a whole body workout.

Choose your beverages wisely
What you drink before and during your golf game can also greatly impact your results. Regardless of the weather on the day of your game, it is a good idea to ditch sugar-laden energy or sports drinks and instead incorporate electrolyte mixes into your water.to stay properly hydrated and ensure your cells are getting enough water. This will even help you recover faster and decrease muscle cramps. Caffeine can also be a golfer’s best friend as it can increase focus and alertness. Avoid sweetening it with too much sugar to avoid a blood sugar crash and instead aim to strengthen your brew.

Eat for stamina
The meal before your game is an important one, and you want to make sure you are choosing the best foods for endurance and stamina. Avoid processed foods and simple carbohydrates that may lead to energy crashes, fatigue and hunger. Instead, focus on fresh whole foods with high fibre like green smoothies, whole grains, legumes, nuts and oatmeal. They will keep you satiated, full of energy and ready to take on the day.

While there are many components to improving your golf game, both diet and exercise play critical roles. To make the best out of your game and reach your full potential, get in some weightlifting, electrolytes, caffeine and whole foods. Your stamina, strength, endurance and focus will all improve significantly along with your overall game.

Author: Jennifer Dawson