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Golfing For Happiness And Health
Public attitudes towards golf are continuing to evolve, with over 500 golf courses now in existence in South Africa, many in areas of spectacular natural beauty. Usually regarded as a traditional sport, golf is beginning to be adopted by the young and fit who regard it as an excellent form of exercise. Golf provides meaning and enjoyment while strengthening business relations and friendships, but here is how it is a fantastic form of exercise in and of itself.

Cardiovascular benefits of walking
Walking with a bag or push cart of clubs can burn over 700 calories making it an efficient way to meet your weight loss goals. While improving mood, days spent walking on vast and hilly golf courses will lower blood pressure and reduce the chances of a heart attack or type 2 diabetes. Cardiovascular exercise like this also improves balance and coordination, while strengthening bones and muscles so that everyone can maintain a healthy body shape.

The strength and balance in a swing
Those who have never picked up a golf club may not be aware of the fitness required. To hit the ball perfectly, you will need to use the arm muscles to hit the ball as far as possible, without losing balance. It is therefore up there with exercises such as yoga in its physical benefits. A golf swing requires poise across the whole body, putting strain on the legs, arms, and torso, building muscle in these areas.

It appeals to those who most need it
Golf is a sport for all activity levels. From young children playing mini golf to world champions hitting towards the most difficult holes on the largest courses, there is a place for everyone in golf. Unlike a sport such as rugby which requires great strength and speed, golf has a much wider appeal. It is therefore viewed as an accessible form of exercise even to older or overweight people. Golf could be the gateway to getting someone out of a sedentary lifestyle into a more healthy and active routine.

It creates a flow state
The final way in which golf is one of the best forms of exercise lies in just how enjoyable it is. Despite the many calories you burn and muscle strength required, it never feels like a chore. Beginners and experts alike can lose themselves in trying to achieve the best score, among the beauty of nature. This creates a flow state, where you hardly feel like you’re exercising at all. You can lose track of time, getting fit without even noticing that you’re exercising.
The popularity of golf lies in the fact that it is an effective form of exercise,while having broad appeal. It is an accessible venture for all skill levels and allows cardiovascular exercise in the form of a fun and relaxing time with the best of friends. That is why you probably leave the golf course with a boost in mood and an improved physique.

Author: Jennifer Dawson

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