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“President Elliott is an inspiration to many not only as the president of the club, but as a business and family man,” exclaimed Randpark general manager Francois Swart.

“He always seems to be on top of all the challenges surrounding everyday life and he continues to show true leadership qualities, through integrity and confidence, while always inspiring others.”

President Elliott enjoyed receiving the award as one of BoardRoom magazine’s Top Private Club Presidents in 2011, and he was just recently re-elected as Randpark’s president for the 10th year running. However, it hasn’t been an easy road, partly because the passing of the club’s CEO Doug Bain in November 2014. Randpark has always enjoyed the accolades as one of the top performing clubs in Gauteng, South Africa and much of this is because of the leadership and vision of Bain.

During this very difficult time, President Elliott stepped into the leadership role to guide the management team.

Following Francois Swart’s appointment as general manager in 2015, Elliott carried through his role as a mentor and leader, giving selflessly to ensure that Swart understood his roll and continued with the strategic plan of the club. Elliott’s commitment and hard work together with the support of the committee helped the management team get back on the road to Vision 2020.

 Francois says, “President Elliott takes the time to listen and understand situations before making decisions. He has been a true mentor and gives of his time to enrich those around him. He is committed, passionate and dedicated to all he does.”

Elliott motivated the adoption of the CEO concept in 2011, which ensured that appropriate structures were put in place to direct, manage and control Randpark Club on behalf of the members, within a framework of effective accountability and transparency, so that the committee and management is at all times accountable to members and responsive to their rights and wishes. This made it very clear that the committee’s role to set policy for the management to follow and to lend strategic direction to the club, rather than micromanage the club.

Under Swart’s leadership, the club has continued with further upgrades to modernize a number of facilities including events venues, golf shop, tennis courts, locker rooms, club interior and recently the driving range, which now offers the first Mizuno performance fitting center in Africa.  

The management team continues to focus on the member experience through innovative ideas, improved services and open communication. The club has also been honored with many service excellence awards in recent years and in 2017, the club hosted the Joburg Open, which was the first tri-sanctioned tournament in Africa.

 “Garth has been integral to the continued focus on the club’s strategic plan and I will forever be indebted to him for his contribution to my growth as a manager and as an individual,” added GM Swart. 

Elliott is married to Basia Elliott and has been a member at Randpark since 1989. He served 19 of those years on committee, as club captain, vice president and 10 years as president. He has three sons, Grant, DJ and Matthew, loves golf and plays off an 11 handicap.