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Randpark club will be hosting the Captains Dinner for Club Captain – Craig McLeod next week Thursday, 06th August 2015.

To be Club Captain you need the following: a serious passion for the game of golf! You need to represent the membership of the Club and therefore need to have strong sense of belonging. In your term you will have to be dedicated beyond believe. Your time is not your own and you have to give generously to the members and the Club!

Craig is one of those larger than life characters and we feel the need to thank him on behalf of the membership, staff and management team.

Reflecting on his term the following comes to mind:

– Craig celebrated his 50th Birthday and since Craig considers the members his friends his birthday celebration was hosted at his favourite spot – The Terrace Bar. No invites was sent out and yet members flocked to the Club in droves. An epic party in true Craig style with an abundance of entertainment, good food and a drink or two was enjoyed by all.

– It is not every day that a Club takes on R23 000 000.00 project! Craig was instrumental in the Firethorn Project and we fondly recall the early morning meetings that he attended with the Course Department and Golf Data in Halfway. He would gather the “boys” and encourage them to line their stomachs before hitting the course for inspection.

– In the difficult time of Doug’s passing Craig was at the Club to lend a helping hand where ever needed!

– Craig is a family man and adores children! Prize Giving on a Friday became the highlight of all Randpark kids as he passed the mike around from child to child. Do any of you remember the Ice Bucket challenge? We definitely have seen his naughty side more than once.

Craig McLeod you are a gem! We are extremely excited about your Captain’s Dinner and look forward to paying tribute to your term.

Craig McLeod - Club Captain : 2014 / 2015

Craig McLeod – Club Captain : 2014 / 2015

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